How To Stop Your Feet From Sweating And Smelling?

Mostly people have question in their mind that how to stop your feet from sweating and smelling? Because creating smell and sweat in the feet after some use of shoes is very common problem. Those people face this problem when they wear full work shoes over their feet and do their work. But, after some use, sweating and smelling come to their feet. For this, they are worried about wearing off the shoes at all places. However, if you face this problem, you need to follow some points and rules to decrease and control your feet’ smelling.

Best Way To Control Smelly Feet

There are some simple ways to follow them and get rid of smelly feet.

#1 Tips Of Footwear’s

Shoes and socks are the main things that may cause the sweating issue in the feet and also create the smell. So, for this, you need to use the perfect socks and even the soft fabric shoes with perfect mesh lines

A) Socks Type

It is good to use the socks with sweat-wicking power and get rid of the smelly feet. Moreover, it’s right for you to wear socks once a day and then change them to avoid sweating. Furthermore, the socks with the good absorbing power of sweat may save you from creating smells in the feet and feet and remaining dry.

B) Shoes

The shoes with full upper mesh lines surface are good for giving easy use function and controlling the feet’ sweating and smell. Therefore, try to wear shoes with a perfect sock liner system to save you from the smelling and odor. But, the shoes with plastic and jellies setting are not suitable for use, and these create much more smell and sweat in the feet.

#2 Alternation Of Shoes And Socks

It is also a good idea to change the shoes after some use and complete dryness to make sure that there is no sweat or smell inside the shoes. Moreover, change shoes day by day with new ones to ensure there is no sweat in the feet. Use one pair of socks and shoes one day and others on the next day for perfect feet comfort.

A) Changing Insole

It is also good to change the console and midsole to make shoes suitable for use without any smell and sweat problem. Moreover, use the anti-bacterial and disinfecting spray on the insole to control the creation of feet smelling. But, this option is not much more useful for use. So, try to use and change the insole with a new one for the feet’ full comfort without any smell.

B) Exfoliation Of Feet

It is a good idea to use at home and make your feet perfect and soft. So, for this, you need to scrub your feet heel and toe to remove all the dead skin and other parts. Moreover, use the pumice stone to cut the dead bacterial skin and save your feet 2-3 times per week.

C) Vinegar Soak

It is another good idea to make the feet full fit. So, take water in the tub and add the vinegar also in the warm water. After that, put your feet inside the water tub to make sure that there is no smell in the feet. So, you can keep your feet warm without sweating.

D) Antiperspirant

It is another home use method and uses the Antiperspirant to save your feet from sweating and smelling. The spray of this underarm item over feet is right for you to give you full comfort and keep your feet from any sweating problem. Moreover, cornstarch is also highly absorbent to control sweating in your feet.

E) Medical Treatment

It is also suitable for you if you are facing the problem of smelling in your feet. Then use the prescribed medicine over feet to control this odor and get rid of the smelly issue. So, the Iontophoresis and Botox is the best special treatment for the feet to stop feet sweating.

Facts And Causes To Create Sweating And Smelling

Some essential facts cause some severe problems for feet sweating and smelling.

The main things to create sweat and smell in the feet are bacteria and moisture. These make the scent in the feet. Moisture also put sweating over feet to produce smell after some use. Smelling in the feet is not a severe problem for a person, but these cause relationship issues with the other peoples. The bacteria present on the people’s feet and do not wash and clean the feet regularly can cause that type of serious issue.

How To Prevent From Feet Sweating?

It is good to control and get rid of your feet from any smell.

  • Wash your feet daily routine after using the work boot or full-size shoes.
  • Use a scrub and remove the dead part of the skin from the heel part of the feet and remove all bacteria.
  • It is good to use disinfectant to control over the feet sweating.
  • Save your feet always and cleaned them to avoid any moisture for the sweating problem.
  • Use socks liner and shoes with breathable mesh lines.
  • It is good to wear the socks with good fabric material of sweat-wicking power to control smell.

How To Keep Your Feet Warm Without Sweating?

It is good to use the warm water and vinegar for feet sweating and also control smell. Then use warm water for feet to clean up very well. Moreover, us a spray of Iontophoresis over the feet to make them warm without sweating.


The feet sweating and smelling is the major issue for some people to make their feet smelly after using shoes. For this, you need to use some pure method and the best way to control sweating and smelling in your feet. Moreover, it is also good to check the above give the best practice for managing smell and sweat over feet and make the feet full dry without any problem.

Moreover, it is also good to use some home remedies or consult with a medical specialist. After all, use the spray of Iontophoresis product to save your feet from smell issues.