Best Shoes For Handball Goalkeeper

In handball goalkeeping, the right footwear is crucial for agility, stability, and traction. Invest in high-quality goalkeeper shoes to enhance your performance and confidence. A good pair of goalkeeper shoes can make a big difference in handball goalkeeping.

A good pair of shoes not only provide you with the necessary agility, stability, and traction, but they will also offer durability, comfort, and protection. By wearing the right footwear, you can focus on your performance without any distractions and fully trust in your ability to make crucial saves.

So, check out these top 8 best shoes for handball goalkeeper for your next play.

Image Product Feature Price
Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2
Women Check Price on Amazon
Salming Kobra Mid
Men Check Price on Amazon
Kempa Attack Contender
Unisex Check Price on Amazon
Hummel Aerocharge HB 220
Men Check Price on Amazon
Adidas Counterblast Falcon
Women Check Price on Amazon
Mizuno Wave Mirage
Women Check Price on Amazon
Asics Gel Blast FF
Women Check Price on Amazon
Joma Top Flex Goalkeeper Shoes
Unisex Check Price on Amazon

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#1 Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2

Showcasing its elite design, the Nike Womens Volleyball shoes offer an exclusive blend of performance and style. Encased in authentic synthetic, these shoes withstand vigorous movements and provide extended durability required in a handball match.

The rubber soles enhance the grip, aiding in the goalie’s pivotal rescues. The box inclusion of model AA0286-106 affirms the pair’s authenticity, reinforcing trust in the brand.

These Nike shoes, without question, rank supremely among the finest choices for a handball goalkeeper’s footwear. While they sport a magnificent build, cater to grip needs with rubber soles, and promise genuine brand authenticity, the lack of size flexibility and narrow design choices could be potential downsides. Nevertheless, perfect for those craving durability and brand trust in their game gear, they are a noteworthy investment.


  • Authentic Synthetic Construction
  • Gripping Rubber Soles
  • Affirmed Brand Authenticity


  • No Size Flexibility
  • Limited Design Options

#2 Salming Kobra Mid

Discover a fresh-level performance with the Salming Kobra Mid 2 Men Indoor Court Shoe. Woven with precision and quality, this pair is equipped with a rubber sole providing a notable grip on the court – perfect for the nimble moves of a handball goalkeeper.

The design is a fusion of style and comfort, ensuring enhanced agility and swift response. Quite simply, it’s a coveted asset for any handball goalkeeper looking for an edge in the game.


  • Exceptional Court Grip
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Comfortable Design


  • Higher Price Point
  • Limited Design Options

#3 Kempa Attack Contender

The Kempa Men’s Low-Top Sneakers are excellently crafted for handball goalkeepers.

The product is uniquely designed, integrating 100% Other Fabric with an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole, proffering the user a peculiar blend of comfort and durability. The low-top design deftly marries functionality and style, setting you apart on the handball court.

Furthermore, the worldwide delivery service offered by goal inn affirms their commitment to customer gratification.


  • Unprecedented comfort
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


  • Limited Versatility
  • Non-customizable Design

#4 Hummel Aerocharge HB 220

Unveiling a game-changer in fitness footwear, the Hummel Aerocharge HB 220.

Exemplifying versatility in gym shoes, these deliver exceptional functionality owing to their flexible PU and breathable mesh upper. The unique Aerofit technology yields ultimate comfort, making it an impeccable choice for strenuous activities such as handball.

The shoes also feature an EV midsole that is not just cushioned, but impervious to bacterial growth.

The highlight – a robust outsole and firm stabilizer, enhancing foot support during mid-movement.

The Pivot Zone improves balance and grip, while the EVO Shock Point cushions the heel.

Craftsmanship is apparent with a polyurethane and mesh outer, paired with a textile and synthetic composition.


  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Potent Antimicrobial
  • Robust Support


  • Limited Style Options
  • Higher Price Range

#5 Adidas Counterblast Falcon

Adidas Counterblast Falcon Mid is the embodiment of innovation and high-quality design encapsulated in one outstanding pair of shoes.

One could say these shoes are home to cutting-edge technology. They boast an innovative SPRINTSKIN single-layer synthetic outer cover, promising maximum support with featherlike lightness.

They also feature Adituff, ensuring excellent abrasion resistance, and Torsion System, providing exceptional ankle support during twisting movements. The Adiprene + and Adiprene serve as shock-absorbers and propulsion enhancers, respectively, acknowledging all the explosive maneuvers common in handball goalkeeping.

Finished with an ultra-grip rubber, they deliver excellent traction for cutting-edge movements.


  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Excellent ankle support
  • High-grade shock absorption


  • Medium width fitting

#6 Mizuno Wave Mirage

Unveiling the Mizuno Women’s Wave Mirage 4, an extraordinary handball shoe designed to cater to the unique needs of dynamic wing players.

The pièce de résistance of this creation is the innovative slipper construction that grants an extraordinary blend of supreme fit and close-to-ground feel. Draped with Mizuno Wave technology, the shoes bestow dynamic cushioning and agility that germinate into swift actions.

The D-Flex Groove sole is distinct, enabling spontaneous acceleration and guiding your foot movements impeccably. Another striking attribute is the inventive ankle boot construction using a separate stretchable inner and outer layer, both conforming endearingly to the wearer’s foot contour.

Lightweight, lace-up closure, and firm rubber sole are worthy additions to this ensemble.

This Mizuno sportswear handball shoe is explicitly crafted to offer optimal support and comfort to goalkeepers.


  • Superior Fit
  • Dynamic Cushioning
  • Exceptional Acceleration


  • Man-made material
  • Limited Styling options

#7 Asics Gel Blast FF

Exude inimitable finesse on the Badminton/Squash court or as a handball goalkeeper in the power-packed ASICS Women’s Blast FF handball shoes – a fantastic amalgamation of comfort and performance.

The cutting-edge Dynawrap technology confers a cozy and snug fit while the FlyteFoam cushions lend unrivalled shock absorbency even during tough maneuvers.

Moreover, the DuoMax system acts as a shield against potential injuries. These sporty-in-essence shoes, constructed from man-made materials, assure outstanding traction owing to the multi-directional lug profile.


  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Unmatched Cushioning
  • Superior Traction


  • Could lack versatility
  • Slightly bulkier construction

#8 Joma Top Flex Goalkeeper Shoes

Joma’s Unisex-Adult Sneakers offer a remarkable fusion of flexibility, stability, and adjustability for optimal performance.

It flaunts a supremely elastic premium leather exterior, coupled with VTS technology, delivering both exceptional comfort and durability. This keeper’s gem which tips the scales at 260 grams, incorporates robust nylon interiors, providing a phenomenal tensile strength of 800n/50mm weft and 600n/50mm warp. An added reinforcement at the toe aids in precise punching.

In addition, the pre-formed EVA insole and a 2mm natural EVA palm boost the comfort quotient. The shoe’s high-grade phylon midsole (shore-55) and DURABILITY rubber sole make it a suitable pick for both sand and carpet fields.

Overall, an impressive pair of sneakers ideal for handball goalkeepers’ training and competition needs.


  • Exceptional Comfort
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Reinforced Toe


  • Specific Field Limitation
  • Not for Routine Wear

The Best Shoes For Handball Goalkeeper – Buying Guide!

Choosing the correct footwear for your position in handball can dramatically improve your performance and comfort on the pitch. This is especially crucial if you are a goalkeeper. You need shoes that offer stability, traction, and comfort in a highly demanding position.

Impact on Performance and Injury Prevention

Performance: High-quality handball shoes can significantly improve a goalkeeper’s performance. Proper shoes will provide excellent traction, allowing the goalkeeper to quickly shift direction, respond to shots, and distribute the ball.

Injury Prevention: Good shoes are key in injury prevention. They provide the necessary ankle and foot support in the explosive workout of goalkeeping. Well-fitted and designed shoes minimize the risk of feet and ankle injuries.

In conclusion, the right choice of shoes can be the difference between a good and a great goalkeeper. It’s crucial for any goalkeeper to invest in quality shoes to enhance performance and avoid injuries.

Key Factors to Consider when Buying Handball Goalkeeper Shoes

When looking for the ideal goalkeeper shoes for handball, considering certain key factors can make the selection process much smoother and effective. Here are some factors that should not be overlooked:

Shoe Type and Fit

Shoe Type and Fit: There are different types of court shoes available, and the best one for you will depend on your foot type and preferences. The fit is crucial – a well-fitted shoe provides the necessary support and reduces the risk of injury.

Traction and Grip

Traction and Grip: These shoes should provide excellent traction to allow for quick movements and prevent slipping. Look for shoes with non-marking soles made from a gum rubber material, it offers superior grip on indoor courts.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Cushioning and Shock Absorption: Good cushioning in the shoe helps to absorb the impact of jumps and landing. Opt for shoes with adequate cushioning in the forefoot and heel areas.

Durability and Support

Durability and Support: Lastly, ensure that the shoes are durable and offer good ankle support to withstand the intense actions of a handball goalkeeper. Leather or synthetic materials usually offer higher durability.

An accurate shoe fit, grip and traction, cushioning, and supreme durability are the foundational stones for an ideal pair of handball goalkeeper shoes. Always remember, the key to your best performance lies in your comfort!


What Shoes Are Used In Handball?

Most professional handball goalkeepers prefer indoor court shoes with a durable construction and superior grip. They prefer shoes that offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption mechanisms to mitigate the risk of injuries during the high-impact game.

Do handball shoes require a specific type of material?

Typically, yes. Materials that prioritize breathability, such as mesh and synthetics, are often preferred.

Should you opt for a higher or lower shoe sole?

For goalkeepers, a lower profile sole may provide better stability and agility on the court.

Do you need special insoles?

While it’s not mandatory, many players choose to supplement with additional insoles for extra comfort and support.

Conclusion: finding the perfect pair of handball goalkeeper shoes is a personal preference, as everyone’s feet have different needs. It’s essential to try on various brands and models to determine which pair feels the most comfortable and supportive for your feet.

Remember, the perfect pair of handball goalkeeper shoes will balance comfort and functionality while promoting your peak performance.